The Benefits of Skin Needling in Tackling Old Age and Acne Scars

The Benefits of Skin Needling in Tackling Old Age and Acne Scars

The Anti- Wrinkle Clinic is heralded for its innovative skincare services. With years of extensive industry experience, the clinic has helped countless clients tackle skin problems and issues. This includes Crows Feet, along with laugh lines and common or extensive acne. With a team of seasoned dermatologists and skin treatment specialists, the clinic utilizes cutting-edge techniques that combat blemishes, acne, spots, and especially wrinkles. This is done via minimally invasive procedures, which truly help replenish vital skin pores and appearance. The Clinics signature RF technologies also tackle pigmentation and scars, while tightening the skin and adding several years to your appearance.

The Benefits of Skin Needling

As part of the Clinics extensive suite of services, skin needling is designed to rejuvenate the skin via minimally-invasive procedures. Also known as micro-needling and collage induction therapy, the process utilizes a device that contains fine needles. The needles are used to puncture the skin, which results in a controlled environment that boosts collagen and elastin production. This helps secure smoother and more aesthetically pleasing skin, while reducing existing scars and stretch marks. This intricate and detailed technique also promotes natural and healthy skin wound healing. Based on the clients individual needs, the number of needles and rollers will be determined by the overseeing skincare expert or dermatologist.

Timely and Lasting Results

Skin needling helps clients look and feel great. The process also tightens and contours the skin around the jaw line. This secures a more youthful and attractive appearance, while eliminating blemishes, scars, and other undesirable spots from the skin. Before the process is implemented, however, skincare experts will discuss the techniques involved in great details. They will also discuss the recovery time, as well as other treatment options for other skin-related issues. If you are tired of dealing with acne and scars, skin needling will truly meet your needs within time and budget.

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